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Metal Fabrication from Everett, Washington

To complement our expert HVAC services, Ben Heating and AC, LLC in Everett, Washington, is pleased to offer you quality metal fabrication services. Whether you are in need of large component aluminum, steel, or titanium fabrication, our experts can help.

We also fabricate low carbon mild steel as well as Lexan™, glass, laminated material, plastic, and cardboard. Trust your project to our certified mechanical design engineers. They take your idea from product development to reality.

Our Company Offers:

• Stainless Steel Fabrication
• Fast Fabricated Metal Shipping & Delivery
• High-Quality Metal Forming & Stamping
• Metal for Enclosures
• Stainless Metal Forming
• Metal for Electrical Panels
• Sheet Metal Fabrication
• Fast Metal Punching
Metal Cutting, Metal Fabrication in Everett, WA

State-of-the-Art Fabrication

Our HVAC service's cutting-edge software technology enables us to respond to all of your sheet metal and stainless steel fabrication demands with speed and precision. We fabricate thousands of custom sheet metal components each week using our precision robotics for MIG, arc, and resistance spot welding. In addition, we design and engineer custom sheet metal products in stainless, galvanized, and plain steel. Contact us for the design or engineering of gas piping as
well as:

• Box Plugs
• Telescoping Sleeves for Inner Ducts
• Telescoping for Outer Ducts
• Guards
• Gears
• Vacuum Ducts
• Side Beds
• Hangers
• Cam Boxes

Contact us in Everett, Washington, and piece your needs together with our metal fabrication services.